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Leadership IS Hard

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

(Original Content is courtesy of Chris Williams,"theclhill"on TikTok)

I LOVE to learn! In no shape, form or delusion do I think I have life figured out. I just want to learn from those who do. Below is a video of Chris Williams, former VP of HR at Microsoft, sharing the nuts and bolts of leadership...hard or's still work. Below the video, I've provided bullet points of the content he shares.

You need: The right people aiming at the right target and working together.

The "right people" part is hard:

  • What roles do you need?

  • Evaluate the current staff to determine gaps (and best fits.)

  • Find the right people to fill the gaps and convince them to work for you.

  • Eliminate the people dragging you down

  • Consistently motivate the ones who are pulling you up

Point them in the right direction:

  • You need to decide on the "right direction."

  • Develop clear and concise goals

  • Communicate the goals up and down the line

  • Make every decision based on these goals

  • Constantly measure progress and adjusting to stay on target

Get everyone working together:

  • Develop clear systems to let the people know what's expected of them and everyone else around them.

  • Make working together easy and automatic

  • Make sure everyone is heard so that problems can surface quickly

  • Balance the chemistry of the team

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