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Don't Miss the Journey

My family recently made a trip to NYC. It was my first time, as well as my son's. We scheduled a night time bus tour on a double-decker bus to take in the sights and lights of the city as a self-prescribed "orientation tour." The top was open so riders can take it all in from every angle. It was GREAT. The sole purpose was to see the city and some of the key sights most visitors want to see. Not to mention the general nuances of the city (traffic, policemen, street vendors, street performers and masses of people). We had a great time.

The next day's agenda was to visit some of the key locations around the city (9/11 Memorial, Chinatown, SoHo, Statue of Liberty, etc.) We scheduled the same bus service. As we waited at the stop, someone asked if we were going to ride "up top." I didn't blink and said, "Nah...this is a destination day. We just want to get from stop to stop. We don't need to see everything."

That's how many leaders operate. They just want to get their people from destination to destination and completely miss the journey. They miss the joy of traveling with a group of like-minded people, all rowing in the same direction. They miss creating a culture where every person feels heard and understood. They miss the opportunity to add value to the people in their path. They miss the "sights and lights" of the journey.

Don't be THAT leader. Ditch the destination mindset and embrace the opportunity to be a LIBERATOR who fights for the highest good of those you lead and serve.

Lead Strong!

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