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How to Host a One-on-One and Win!

Do you have a regular pattern of One-on-One meetings with the people you lead? My experience has me thinking it's the "secret sauce" for effective leadership, especially in the digital/remote world we work in today.

If you have them, do you enjoy them? I guess your answer depends on your leadership style. If you're a liberating leader who loves to help your people succeed, you likely see them as positive experiences. If you you're a Dominating Leader or a Protecting Leader, you probably aren't very excited to devote the time for this encounters.

When I talk to leaders who ask about hosting One-on-Ones, I like to share a tool I've used for One-on-Ones and some small group gatherings. It's built on the acrostic: C.O.A.C.H.

  • C: Celebrate - What's going on in your world (professional or personal) that we can celebrate?

  • O: Obstacles or Opportunities - What obstacles are making it challenging for you to do your job? How can I remove them? / What's coming up that we need to get ready for?

  • A: Action Steps - What needs to happen to keep moving forward?

  • C: Leader Challenge - What is undermining their influence or performance? (Support/Challenge Matrix)

  • H: How can I help you keep making progress?

Also, I want to share something I listened to and watched that will give you a better perspective on these meetings. This is VERY practical and valuable. I'll share the YouTube links for the visual learners and the Podcast link for the auditory/on the go learners.

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