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What's the Secret Sauce for Establishing a Healthy Culture?

It's not new, but "culture" is still a buzz-word among many organizations and teams. Gradually, many leaders are learning how important it is to establish a "vibe" among their people. Sure, we can provide ping-pong tables, bean bags and free soda, but those are all external factors that fade as soon as the "next best thing" comes along. Creating a culture that lasts must begins at the core of who we are. Each person on the team projects their own personal culture. The key is: How do we get them all moving in the same direction and for the same things?

I could give you a laundry list of items, but allow me to offer just one item I believe is the foundation of establishing a vibrant, thriving, healthy culture. You need a common denominator. You need trust.

Not the kind of trust where you stand on a desk and you fall backwards into the arms of your co-workers. I'm referring to a kind of trust where I believe you are truly FOR me, not against me. A kind of trust where we can be honest with each other without any fear of recourse. I recently met with a top leader for an NPO and asked him to survey his team of three with a few questions about what it was like to work with him. Only one responded. In contrast, I'm coaching a group of young leaders at a major brand and asked them to do the same exercise. They all had 100% participation.

The difference?


How do you build trust? Empathy, Consistency, and a Servant Mindset. I know, that's the short answer. But, I try to keep these brief. If you want to explore this with me, leave a comment below. I would love to know your thoughts!

Lead Strong!

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