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Who's Holding the Ball?

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

On Sunday, October 9, 2022, I watched the Baltimore Ravens win a close NFL game versus the Cincinnati Bengals with a Justin Tucker field goal as time expired on the clock. It was the culmination of a team effort to get the ball down the field with 1:58 remaining. That part demanded some spectacular play by several key players on the offense. Then, with three seconds remaining, Tucker sealed the game with a 43-yard kick for three points, clinching the win. Let the celebrations begin!

Tucker was hoisted upon shoulder pads and carried for a portion of the field as teammates came to give him high-fives and and helmet pats.

Know who I didn't see hoisted up? The player holding the ball (Jordan Stout). I'm pretty sure if Jordan doesn't execute his role with efficiency, this kicks goes anywhere but the uprights.

Here's my point: Who's the "Jordan Stout" on your team or in your org who needs to know that what they do matters? That's it. Consider this your prompt to determine who that is and let them know what they are doing matters to the org, the team and to you. Doesn't need to be grandiose, but sincere enough that they know you notice them and the value they bring to the team, org and you.

You're a's what you do!

Lead Strong!

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