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Take a Snapshot of Your Life

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

You'll never know where you're going until you start with where you are! Here's a quick and easy personal snapshot you can take of your life...right now!

Let me share a quick exercise I think fits here.

Evaluate these 7 areas of your life on a scale of 1-100:

Your Relationship with God ___

- Bible Reading, Prayer, Community with other Believers, Service

Your Relationships with People ___

- Spouse/Dating, Family, Teammates, Co-Workers, Community

A Vision, Purpose and Strategy for Your Life ___

- A Picture of Your Life in the Future (job, family, income, hobbies, etc.)

Goals & Objectives that Support Your Vision and Plan ___

- Key Markers that Are Moving You Toward the Vision You Have

- Do you review these daily?

Daily Disciplines that Support Your Goals and Objectives ___

- The Actions That Are Moving You Forward

- What you do daily determines the direction and destination for your life.

How's Your Physical Health? ___

- How You Take Care of Your Health (eating, exercise, sleep, etc.)

How's Your Financial Health? ___

- Budget, Savings, Purchase Goals, Delayed Gratification

Add them up and divide by 7 for an average. That’s a snapshot of your life TODAY. Which category can you work on today that will get your score up TOMORROW? I keep this where I can see it often so that I can take consistent snapshots to measure how I’m doing.

We should not be the same person tomorrow we are today.

** It is not impossible to do this alone, but it really helps to have someone to share these with and help keep you on point. Find someone you trust, who has your best interest in mind and work together on getting your scores up. If you need an outside, unbiased supporter, we can help. Use the contact form or Priority Message window to reach out.

** A supporting resource for this content in the form of a video can be found HERE. You'll have to create a free account before you can watch.

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