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Say Less, Get More

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Say Less, Get More

In Tom McGeHee's book, Whoosh: Business in the Fast Lane, he shares a reflection from his experience in the military, where leadership is tested and refined daily. "I learned a lot about leadership as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, but the observation that has stayed with me longest is that whenever I told a Marine what to do, he or she did it...nothing remarkable there. But when I told a Marine what needed to be accomplished, he or she always did more. When people are free to choose how to get things done, they almost always do more." In the context of the Support/Challenge Matrix and being 100X Leader, we should leverage our awareness in the strengths and potential of those we lead and give them opportunities to leverage those strengths for the good of the project/team/organization. Be aware of any tendency to box them in because you fear a lack of control over the results not being what YOU wanted. There will be times when you need things done a certain way, but we would be wise to extend some "slack in the rope" to see what might happen. It's likely we'll learn something new and end up with better results. Lead Strong! D

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