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Updated: Dec 15, 2022

I reecently spoke at a networking luncheon on the power of our words. Words are powerful. They can build people

up (give life) or break people down (create death). In fact, I used a crayon to make my point that even when broken they can still be effective. It's only when they get broken in half to the "nth degree" (old math teacher term) that they are thrown out. Our negative words will

break others in half up to a point, then they least they should.

Leaders choose their words intentionally. Here is a list of phrases Liberating Leaders use with their people (and use them often):

"We couldn't do this without you..."

  • "We are better because you are here."

  • "Here's why what we do matters..."

  • "I trust your judgment. Do what you think is best."

  • "What can we do to make this better?"

  • "I'm not worried. We can handle it."

  • "Well done!"

Leaders also ask better questions:

  • "What was the best thing you did today?"

  • "How did you make someone else's day better?"

  • "What was you favorite discovery today?"

  • "What exceeded your expectations today?"

  • "What surprised you in a good way?"

Sources: Dr. Michael Steiner, TikTok /

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