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Are You a Leader Worth Following!

Leaders worth following strive to be people of influence. They aren't content to just be "good," they are driven to be the best version of themselves. And yet, they have to be willing to discover their strengths and uncover their blindspots.

That is the "secret sauce" of a leader worth following. They are intentional about growing themselves so they can give the best for those they lead. They value progress over perfection.

Do you need a plan for growing yourself so that you can help grow those you lead and serve? If so, the Leader's Journey is for you. This small group learning experience over the course of one year that will empower good leaders to become leaders worth following. It helps you see "what it's like to be on the other side of me." The group of 6 to 8 leaders provides personal interaction for effective transformation. 

Who Is This For?

  • Senior Leaders who want to learn how to lead their teams or sectors with more intentionality.

  • Business Owners who want to begin expanding or developing their team members.

  • Human Resource Directors who are looking for an innovative process.

  • Non-Profit Leaders who want to learn how to effectively apprentice the leaders and volunteers.

  • Board Members seeking to elevate their influence.

  • The Bottom Line...anyone who wants to establish an intentional plan for personal growth.

What Changes Can I Expect?

  • Increasing your SELF-AWARENESS

  • Understanding your PERSONALITY

  • Strengthening your LEADERSHIP CORE

  • Become more effective in COMMUNICATION

  • Increasing your INFLUENCE

What's the Agenda?

The Leader's Journey experience is a 12-month small group (6-8 leaders) journey with six half-day sessions reinforced by monthly, small group coaching calls. We begin by objectively measuring your leadership strengths through our Leader 360 Assessment. This will allow us to customize your experience with a one-to-one coaching call during the first month, and in the final month. It will also allow us to track your progress and allow us to discuss strategies for integrating new content into your leadership.

  • Months 1-2: Liberation as a Lifestyle

  • Months 3-4: Your Best Fit (A new addition for 2019!)

  • Months 5-6: Developing Your Leadership Voice

  • Months 7-8: Mastering Effective Communication

  • Months 9-10: Maximizing Influence

  • Months 11-12: Becoming Present and Productive

Use the form below to reach out and find out when the next journey begins!

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