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Are you ready to discover, "What's it like to be on the other side or me?"

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Journey Groups are groups of 3-5 people who follow a 50-week syllabus built on the "100X" model of personal growth. The goal is to get 100% healthy and then multiply our influence into others. The content is delivered through an online self-study platform with each session taking approximately 30 minutes per week. Journey Groups meet over Zoom every two weeks to process and apply what we're learning to everyday scenarios. The group is lead by a Certified Guide with GiANT Worldwide who is available to support you as you work through the content.

What's In It For You?


  • Monthly subscription to

  • Communication Assessment

  • Access to the ASCEND and INVINCIBLE video libraries of personal development content, including the 50 micro-lessons on personal growth and leadership

  • Worksheets with each lesson

  • Personal application assignments and Leadership application assignments

  • Content is hosted on GiANT.TV/discover

  • Bi-weekly Zoom group coaching call for processing and application

  • Access to a certified Guide to help you make personal application and to encourage you along the way.

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