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We lead you on a journey to greater self-awareness so you can recognize the value you add to others.

Journey Groups

  • Communication Assessment

  • 1 year (less two weeks) of content

  • 50 micro-lessons

  • Application Worksheets for each micro-lesson

  • The "100 Xercise" for each lesson for personal application.

  • The "X Challenge" for you to integrate each micro-lesson into your team. This is designed to help you lead others in their personal journey to transformations. (This is great for leading a team.)

  • Bi-weekly Group Coaching/Collaboration Call

  • Access to a certified Guide for personal application

  • Access to a wealth of personal growth / professional development content

($119/mo for non-profits)


If you're just looking for basic content to consume without a Journey Group, structured plan, or Guide, the video library is free with registration at
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