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I need you to believe in me and my ideas, but don’t judge me on what I say first. Make sure you take the time and ask the questions to understand what I’m trying to say! Give me the space to dream and keep encouraging me to push new frontiers even if you can’t see it yet!

Note: There are two brands of Creatives: Creative-Thinkers and Creative-Feelers. There are some similarities, but also notable differences. Creative-Thinkers (CT): logical, analytical, clever, critical (INTP) Creative-Feeler (CF): relational, idealist, aware of environments (INFP)


What We See…
  • Can inspire us or frustrate us

  • People have hard time understanding what they are trying to say

  • Thrive when contributions are valued and appreciated

  • Will shut down when their ideas are shot down

  • Like to drive innovation, growth, and improvement

  • Like to sit and listen before speaking

  • If they have nothing to share, they won’t speak

  • Their drive and constant ideas tends to wear others out

  • Tend to ignore financials and other limits

  • Big “Starters,” but not “Finishers” which leads to decline in influence

  • Champion of new ideas

  • Looking forward to what's coming next (trends, ideas, etc)

  • Think outside the box and through a different lens

  • CT: Tend to sound harsh

  • CT: Don't work hard on relationships (no patience)

  • CT: Hard to follow them when they speak


  • Willing to replace themselves if they believe enough in the vision

  • Big picture is king

  • Help them be considerate of others

  • Be ready for a “Who says we can’t?” mindset

  • They are alert to others who might challenge their competency.

  • They tend to be skeptical: “Do you have a proven track record?


Will shut down if (Triggers):
  • You waste their time or threaten the vision

  • Encourage them to listen to all viewpoints

  • Have thick skin and be ready for unexpected “explosion” of critique

  • Be prepared to be dismissed if they aren’t confident in you

  • Give them freedom and a platform to share ideas

  • CF: Take time to understand what they are trying to say and ask question to help them communicate

  • CF: Speak truth about them so they can hear outside opinions

  • CF: Practice a daily, verbal self-charge to speak truth over yourself (secure, confident and humility)

  • CF: Celebrate, Care, Clarify, Critique (with permission), Collaborate

  • CT: Coach them in sharing ideas (when they know you're FOR them)

  • Give them consistent time to ask, "What are you seeing that I might be missing?

  • Give them weak-side help with Guardian tasks (70/30)

  • Let people into your world to contribute

  • Avoid assumed expectations…

  • Give them space to dream w/o micro-managing

  • Give them the tools, time and information they need and get out of the way


What We Don't See…
  • Constantly thinking about future

  • Never satisfied with status quo

  • The word, “Can’t” is not part of their vocabulary

  • Can see opportunities and threats before others

  • Future more exciting than present

  • “Good enough” is not acceptable

  • Constantly asking, “How does this help achieve the vision?” and “Why are we limiting ourselves?”

  • Will focus on 10% incomplete more than the 90% that is done

  • Want to be valued and part of a team

  • CF: Harder on themselves than others (Dominate themselves)

  • CF: Constantly analyzing themselves ("Am I ____ as good as I say I am?”)

  • CF: Hold their ideas close to their heart...when you critique their idea, they hear you attacking them

  • CT: Has the least need for people

  • CT: Tend to be cautious with ideas until trust is established


What They Need to Hear from Us…
  • We want to hear your ideas…

  • How can I help make your idea a reality?


Rules of Engagement…2nd


  • Creative Feeler: Hulk / Would rather die than back down...can be ugly

  • Creative Thinker: Sniper / Will sit quietly, then begin taking aim and point out inaccuracies

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