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Celebrate life with me and understand that at my best I don't separate work, rest and play easily.  Regularly ask me what I’m excited about and then let me tell my stories! Never stop believing in me, appreciate my strategic connections and encourage me to keep dreaming about changing the world and expanding our influence.

What We See…
  • Constantly making new friends and connections for others 

  • Always “knows a guy”

  • Always has advice Has a knack for finding jobs for others

  • Generates new ideas

  • Constantly asking, “Are we good?” / “On the same page?”

  • Tend to be people pleasers

  • Can fall to temptation to talk about themselves too much

  • Can become passive aggressive

  • Consistently making new friends/acquaintances

  • Can make others feel valued, cared for, and known

  • Will spend more time helping you than themselves

  • Generous givers (time, money, attention, etc)

  • Good communicators who draw people in

  • The glass is always 100% full


What We Don't See…
  • Can find solutions or people with solutions

  • High value on friendships

  • Don’t get tired easily or worn out by new ideas

  • Thrive on spinning plates/multi-tasking (4th Gear)

  • Effortlessly remember details of other people’s project

  • Value collaboration

  • Wants everyone to be “all in”

  • Always asking themselves, “Who needs this info?”

  • Can take critique too personally Innate ability to hear your goals and help you get there

  • Know how to connect messages to people’s aspirations

  • Won’t sell what they don’t believe

  • Seldom see obstacles as stopping points, see them as opportunities


  • Enjoy recognition/expects acknowledgement for help

  • Grows from being challenged, but needs to be intentional

  • Need to be direct with feedback (don’t hint or insinuate)

  • Celebrate with them

  • Let them tell stories

  • Check on them occasionally…”How are you doing?”

  • Encourage them to keep dreaming


Will shut down if (Triggers)… 
  • People take credit for their work

  • Sense others not for them


What They Need to Hear from Us…
  • “It’s okay to be you!”

  • “People will critique your ideas, not you.”

  • “Sell your ideas with passion.”


Rules of Engagement…4th


Weapon...Cyber Warfare
  • Planting seeds of distrust or slander in the minds of as many people as possible...the more people the better.

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