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Are you wandering through life hoping "next year" will be better than the last?


To be clear on where we are headed, it's important to see where we've been and what we've done. Here's a FREE Year In Review Workbook.

Do you need a simple step-by-step plan for 2023?


We can help! We have a 16 week plan to help create a "Better Me in '23!"


Jordan Campbell
ProGrin Dental

I learned so much about myself, and my tendencies and how they impact the people closest to me at work and at home.


Mark Wall

Everyone should make time to get to know themselves so they can lead themselves to a better reality of who they are to those around them.


Denise Queen
Denny's Corporation

The videos are the perfect length... not to long but very informative and easy to digest.  The worksheets help give us a guide of how to apply it to our own leadership journey.

  • 15 Micro-Lessons

  • Video Format

  • Interactive Worksheets

  • Weekly Group Check-in (optional)

  • One-to-One Check-in (optional)


What happens when we don't make time to know and grow ourselves?

  • We live unfulfilled lives

  • Our daily activity is stale

  • We lack confidence and self-esteem

  • We have tendencies that undermine our influence

Our plan will help you:

  • Determine your level of peace

  • Identify tendencies that are undermining your influence

  • Identify your natural communication style

  • Teach you how to fight for the best in others

  • and more...

Choose What Works for You:

  • Subscription to Digital Platform

  • 50 Micro-Lessons

  • Interactive Worksheets

  • Go at Your Own Pace

  • Subscription to Digital Platform

  • 16 Week Plan

  • Micro-Lessons

  • Interactive Worksheets

  • Weekly Group Zoom Call

  • Subscription to Digital Platform

  • 16 Week Plan

  • Micro-Lessons

  • Interactive Worksheets

  • Weekly One-to-One Coaching




When you choose your plan, you will be directed to a Checkout page. After you complete the transaction, someone will be in touch to schedule an orientation.

If you have questions, use the button below to reach out.

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